Cleaning of Briar Hill Sandstone:

DO NOT USE MURATIC ACID. The results are unattractive and irreversible. Should cleaning become necessary on new construction [no longer than 14 days after the mortar has set] a cleaner for metallic sensitive surfaces should be used. For best results use PROSOCO Enviro Klean Safety Klean in a 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water solution. Do not use PROSOCO Vana Trol or Sure Klean 600 as recommended on the PROSOCO web site. Improper use of these two solutions can irreversibly discolor the stone resulting in replacement.

Always use a test panel of no smaller than 25 square feet and allow two weeks after cleaning to evaluating acceptability of results. Before cleaning, saturate the area thoroughly with clean water. Then follow the manufactures directions for mixing and proper cleaning application technique. The bucket and brush method is preferred. Apply solution as recommended and wait the appropriate dwell time, for the cleaning agent to work; do not let cleaning solution "dry into" the stone, then rinse thoroughly with masonry washing equipment generating approximately 700 to 800 psi; with a water flow rate of 8 gallons per minute; delivered through a 45 degree fan spray tip. This step is critical use overlapping strokes working from the bottom up being sure to rinse all of the cleaning solution from the stone.

If you have questions regarding PROSOCO products or procedures call your local field representative. 1-800-255-4255


    Briar Hill Sandstone is a quality building material. Coating with a water repellant is not a requirement. Water repellants can be used to lessen the effects of abnormal exposure to biological or chemical dirt, salt splash or as an anti-graffiti application. When considering a water repellant product it is important to understand that the pores of Massillon Sandstone are much smaller than concrete block; therefore lower percentages of solids [no higher than 10% to 12%] is all that is required for satisfactory results.

    Only Proprietary products should be used. Diedrich Omega Seal 333 E [10% solids] is recommended. Follow manufactures guidelines for rate and method of application. For assistance contact Diedrich Technologies, Inc. 1-800-323-3565.  7373 South 6th St. Oak Creek (Milwaukee) WI 53154.  Fax 414-764-6993


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